When you instruct us to let your property, we will immediately advertise it through various channels, including property search engines.

If it suits you best we will show people around as and when the viewing request comes in. Alternatively, if you are currently residing at your property (or existing tenants are still in situ), we will take names and contact details of prospective applicants and arrange a suitable time for a block viewing with you or the current tenants, accompanied by one of our agents.

In the event that your property is empty and we have been provided with keys, all viewings will be carried out under accompaniment with one of our agents.

Following a viewing we will aim to contact the potential applicants the following working day to receive feedback. We will then compile this information and keep you updated on the comments raised about your property.


Tenant Referencing

When we receive an application for your property, we will begin our tenant referencing procedure. All applicants are required to provide the following references:

  • Employment reference (if applicable)
  • Previous landlord reference (if applicable)
  • When self employed, an accountant’s reference may be requested

If the applicant is in receipt of a form of benefit, or the applicant’s income is uncertain, the security of a guarantor can be requested. A guarantor is also needed to provide references as above.

In addition to validating these references, a credit check is run on each applicant and guarantor, checking Fair Isaac credit scoring and checking for any outstanding County Court Judgements (CCJs).

During the referencing process, an affordability check is carried out on both applicants and guarantors. This check uses a formula devised by our referencing agency to determine whether the applicants are likely to be able to afford the rental figure, and/or guarantors able to afford to guarantee the agreement.

Subject to the applicant(s) and guarantor(s) passing all the above referencing and checks, the application is compiled to be discussed both internally and with you before proceeding to secure a move in date.